Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whew, it's cold!


Alright, it's not THIS cold, but it sure feels like it
Awesome photo credit to Bill Adler and his amazing Antarctic photoshoot

It's been a blustery day here today in good old Minnesota. I can't believe it's this cold.
It's been so cold, we've been wearing our gloves and jackets (and our favorite hats, of course) around the office all day! When we came in this morning you could see your breath and it was just a tad warmer in here than the good old Minnesota weather outside.

I suppose we're as prepared as anyone for the blustery weather! At least we have a million different hats to keep us warm. I might even decide to switch up my styles today since it seems I'll be keeping my outside-gear on all day. Today seems like a Chilly Willy day.

Stay warm out there!

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